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Halibut / Cod Headband
Halibut / Cod Headband

Halibut / Cod Headband

$ 15.00

Alaska is famous for it's world-class halibut fishing. This headband is a creative and artistic rendering of the biggest member of the flounder family. We won't jinx anything, but this headband just might help you reel in that huge "barn door" halibut you've always dreamed of. Certainly great for a day on the ocean, this headband is also a wearable art piece perfect for any occasion.

The halibut is known for its "migrating eye" that is unique to the flounder family. When halibut are first hatched, they swim upright and have one eye on each side of their head like all other species of fish. Around five weeks of age, one eye “migrates” over the top of the head so that both eyes are on the same side of the head. At this time the juvenile halibut lies over on its’ side with both eyes on the upward or top side.

We bet you didn't know...

Virtually all halibut are right-eyed, meaning both eyes are found on the upper, dark side of the body. Left-eyed halibut are rare; one report suggested a ratio of about 1 in 20,000. In these fish, the eyes and dark pigment are on the left side of the body, and the fish swims with the right (white) side facing down. 

ÔªøThanks, Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your classic headbands? Will they fit my head?
Most of our headbands are at least 18.5" around and 3.5" wide. They fit most head sizes but if you find that most headwear is too tight for you, these might be as well. The twist bands, fleece headbands and wool lined headbands are made larger so try one of those!
Do you design your fabric?
I design a lot of the fabric and you can find those designs in the "happy AK designs" category here:
Will these headbands stay on my head?
The most feedback I get about my headband is that they do not slip like other headbands. I purposely taper the back of the headbands to help them slip less. However, I think a lot of times people experience their headband slipping has to do with how you wear the headband. Make sure you keep the headband down on your forehead a little bit. The more you push it back on your head, the more likely it will slip.