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Lets Connect!

Hi! I'm Annie, the founder and owner of HappyAK.

I love Alaska, hiking, and being in the mountains in general. I particularly love to explore different trails around Southcentral Alaska with my husband, kids, and dogs. We've hiked Baldy and Mile Hi more times than I can count in both summer and winter. We also love to go to Seward for Mt. Marathon on the Fourth of July. Our family also enjoys spending time on the water, both playing and fishing. We are thankful to be able to feed our family after a successful hunting season, and are truly thankful for what Alaska offers us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

HappyAK's mission is to keep heads and hearts happy year-round through high-quality functional and fashionable headbands, hats, buffs, clothing, home decor goods, and more. It warms my heart to see others enjoyingHappyAK gear in the Alaskan wilderness and also around town. 

I love being a part of our community and giving back wherever I can. I am grateful to be able to collaborate with other artists to showcase their beautiful work through HappyAK products. I like to think we are spreading happiness throughout!

I deeply appreciate our community, my customers, and sharing our love for Alaska and the outdoors. I know I couldn't be successful without you, and I thank God for His hand in it all. 

Thank you for your business and support -- I can't wait to see you at events, in different shops, and especially out on the trails!

With love and happiness,