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HappyAK out in the wild

When I wear one of my (very many) headbands on an adventure, I know that my head is wrapped in happiness! It's like the headbands are infused with love. And then I get to put on my HappyAK hoodie at the end -- perfection.

Jamie F.

I am GrumpyAK in the Happiest way! I love my trucker hats and a number of hoodies. I even rock the buffs on the regular. My wife and I fight over our favorite ones.

Bill P.


HappyAK specializes in custom handmade headbands and Alaska mountain-inspired apparel. Headbands are our signature, and our clothes, stickers, and home decor highlight Alaska. All headbands and clothing items are sewn and printed in Eagle River, Alaska. I also work with local seamstresses and graphic designers who embody the HappyAK lifestyle. We can be found in shops, fairs, and other local events all over the state.  

God has blessed me with a business that allows me to be available for my family while traveling Alaska and sharing my passion for getting out in this great state. As a company, I appreciate my customers and know I could not be successful with out them and the hand of God in all of it. Thank you so much for your support and kindness.

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